Leadership Coaching

High-achieving employees are the life force of your organization. That means you need leaders who cultivate an inclusive and engaging company culture that’s uplifting, innovative, and productive.

Your people are your most irreplaceable resources.
Are you investing in your employee wellness to ensure your team can do their best work without getting burned out or seeking a better workplace culture?

Leadership coaching strengthens your team and retains your high-performers. 
Get personalized, one-on-one and team coaching to help leaders in your team develop the confidence, focus, and leadership skills necessary to achieve their goals.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

It’s financially wiser to keep a high-performer happy and growing than to overlook their growth and risk losing them. 

They're self-motivated and stay on track with minimal oversight.

They ask for the help and resources they truly need, and figure out how to make the most of what they have.

They're great at collaborating, individual decision-making, and making others feel heard and appreciated.

They use their time, energy, and focus wisely, and get high-impact results that benefit their team and the whole organization.

A passionate, experienced, and goal-oriented employee is priceless.

Leadership Solutions


Help your senior leaders sharpen their leadership capabilities and ensure a culture that fosters growth, wellbeing, and employee engagement and retention.

Top-Down Leadership Coaching for senior leaders

Executive Coaching


Support teams undergoing significant structural changes, and provide extra support, guidance, and learning for leaders that are stepping up into more impactful roles.

Leadership Coaching for Team and Role transitioning

Transition Coaching


Give your team the gifts of powerful confidence, new perspective, and skills that create a collaborative, aligned, and productive team environment.

workshops for Employee Resource Groups and Teams

Team Workshops


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Create the growth and wellness your team deserves.

Your leadership has to cultivate a company culture where employees feel inspired by your mission, engaged in clear and effective strategies toward tangible goals, and genuinely appreciated for their individual contributions.

Take a strategic approach to ensure your executives and managers make your employees feel inspired, engaged, included, and recognized.

Named a Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, Lena has been empowering women through multiple channels, including her recent role as Chair of the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women.

Lena combines years of accoladed leadership experience, over a decade learning behavioral psychology, and cutting edge coaching methods to help difference-makers and high-achievers gain the confidence and skills to make powerful decision, create rewarding impact, and cultivate an attitude of sustainable wellness, so that they keep kicking butt and making an impact while enjoying a life they truly love.

About Lena

Silicon Valley 2020 Woman of Influence, 
Congressionally Recognized Leader, 
TEDx Speaker, and Leadership Strategist