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F*ck People-Pleasing.

In a world where women can be ANYTHING - the vast majority choose to be people-pleasers. According to a YouGov study, 68% of women are "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness."

As children, most of us are taught to listen politely and do our best to make others feel good in our presence. We learn to be humble, care about how others see us, and make others feel heard...

Then, we become adults and we find ourselves feeling insecure and trapped in our most important relationships. Obligated to our parents, our partner, even our boss - but where's the obligation to your empowered, authentic, beautiful self?!?

Value Yourself.

Your emotions, you wants, your needs - they're all beautiful and valuable. We won't let other people's discomfort keep you compromising on yourself and playing small. 

Every month in the membership you get:
At least a dozen exercises designed to cultivate unwavering confident and surreal self-trust.
At least one group coaching and training call where no question goes unanswered!!
An incredible community of women to grow with <3

Immersive, life-changing support + a kickass sisterhood for only $99 per month ($999 annually). PLUS when you join the waitlist before doors open you can get an extra bonus ;)

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