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68% of women are still "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness"
That stops with us.

I believe you're too valuable to compromise yourself. 

68% of women are "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness."
And you're done being one of them.

No more giving more than you receive. No exhausting yourself saying "yes" when you know you really want to say "no". No over-compromising. And no making your wants and needs invisible.

You're liberating yourself. You're living life as a respected and empowered woman. Living a life full of joy and meaningful impact that makes you feel proud. Living a life you really love.

Living sovereign. 

You don't want to "fit the mold" - You want to mold your life to fit you instead <3

You're ready to have your own back.

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My transformational 9-month program for loving women ready to feel unapologetically empowered in every relationship in your life.


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When people pleasing ran my life, I was exhausted, overweight, and my future felt up in the air. Healing up from rock-bottom, I learned the powerful benefits of self-trust! it felt like my life changed almost overnight and I could finally get the respect, recognition and REST that I wanted. Now, I help other women turn self-doubt into surreal self-trust and create the freedom, respect, and meaningful life they deserve.


To Confident and Sovereign

From exhausting self-doubt

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"This improvement happened after only one month! Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart, and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe, but also quickly productive."
-Leela S.

"My self-confidence has gone from 30% to about 80%!"

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