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Even in the 21st Century, 68% of women are still "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness"... And the world deserves better.

It's not your full-time job to manage other people's feelings. 

It's the end of the day. You’re getting ready for bed and you feel so incredibly drained as hell... Because your day like the way it does almost every day: You’re the one who holds space, the one who comforts, who takes care of everyone you love. You're the one people call when they have big feelings, the person they think of when they're overwhelmed with a million tasks and need help. People have grown to expect you to be there for them but they don’t even seem to be able to see your needs... and so day after day, you're filling everyone else's cup, as much as you can, but here you are feeling so empty. Your cup is so dried up it’s about to crack.

Still, somehow, in this day and age, women world-wide are putting others first, day after day...
And you're here because you're done being one of them.

getting to the end of the day, realizing all you did was fill everyone else's cup? that's over.

You're ready to fill YOUR cup this time.

The Sovereign Sphere is a global movement. Our own dimension. Where every human gets to be authentic, sensitive, and visionary without ever having to play small, play pretend, or play along with social norms that dim your internal fire.


This is the place to Light your personal power on fire to Align your relationships with your badass empowered SOvereign Self.

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When people pleasing ran my life, I was exhausted, overweight, and my future felt up in the air. Healing up from rock-bottom, I learned the powerful benefits of self-trust! it felt like my life changed almost overnight and I could finally get the respect, recognition and REST that I wanted. Now, I help other women turn self-doubt into surreal self-trust and create the freedom, respect, and meaningful life they deserve.


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"This improvement happened after only one month! Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart, and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe, but also quickly productive."
-Leela S.

"My self-confidence has gone from 30% to about 80%!"

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