I'm a personal power and leadership coach for those of us who are brave enough to be truly human. To feel. To love. To lead.
Your leadership isn't just meant to shine in your business or your fancy executive role. Your wisdom and grit is a gift for everyone in your life: your family, your partner, your friends. 

It's time to break up with people-pleasing, stop catering to comfort zones, and shine your wisdom and light ALL your relationships (with you man, your mom, and your business manager)!

Sensitive High-Achievers: Ready to lead every area of life even more powerfully?

I'm ready!

You’re the one who holds space, who comforts, who takes care of everyone you love. You're the one people call when they have big feelings, the person they think of when they're overwhelmed with a million tasks and need help. People have grown to expect you to be there for them for emotional relief... but what about the power of your wisdom? Is your highest self fully present and seen in your most important relationships?

Even today, empathetic women world-wide try to fit in people's comfort zones, putting others first, and keeping their world-changing wisdom and their emotional needs hidden.
And you're here because you're done being one of them.

You were born to lead. You know it. and you're ready to embody it on an even deeper level. 

It's Time to Embody Your Sovereign Self.

A global movement of leaders who know that being authentic, sensitive, and visionary and never, ever playing small, playing pretend, or playing along with social norms that dim your internal fire is THE path to the impact the world needs now.


This is the place to Light your personal power on fire to Align ALL of your relationships with your badass empowered SOvereign Self.

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A 9-month holistic transformation for loving changemakers ready to unapologetically lead every relationship in your life.


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"Lena's coaching is truly remarkable
Lena has been instrumental in helping me carve out meaningful time for self-care and personal growth. With her unwavering support, I've embraced a more holistic way of living, building confidence and evolving into a more fulfilled individual."

- Bianca -

"I was able to have revelations that I didn't even have in the past TEN YEARS that I've been doing personal development and working on my mindset. I'm so excited for the future now because of the tools that Lena gave me. I highly recommend working with Lena!"

- Alysha -

"I'm all about making sure the people in my life feel understood and seen and loved, and I thought setting unapologetic boundaries would be hurting them BUT it's actually empowering them - and I wouldn't have been able to see that without Lena and her coaching."

 - Destiny -


Lena is constantly speaking on podcasts, at events, and on IG Lives, on a variety of topics, including: sovereignty, boundaries that build intimacy, feminine leadership, empowered decision-making, and more.

If you'd like to host Lena to speak to your community, visit Lena's speaker page to learn more about her expertise and to request to have her for your audience.

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