Like most of us, I was raised to focus on how I make others feel...

But today I teach women to stop focusing on how other people feel and get back in touch with feeling the purpose and power of their own life.

Was it challenging to stop people-pleasing and set new boundaries in every area of my life? Yes. But was there a bigger cost to the self-neglect and over-compromising? Heck yes.

Hey new friend!

My name is Lena, and I believe you're incredibly powerful.

More importantly, I'm here to make sure you deeply feel it.

How did I get here?
Years of suffering and the tons of wisdom I gained along the way.

Times I moved away to escape the life I created? Twice.
Disrespectful relationships I put up with? More than a few...
Moments I avoided saying what's on my mind because I was too scared to upset someone? Um... 7 Million?

I was "putting up with" life. Until I really couldn't anymore... 

When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I flipped my WHOLE life upside down with one goal - to create a version of me that feels authentic and that I personally, genuinely value and fully trust to have my back in every area of my life.

I worked hard at it. And soon enough, I went from feeling unworthy, uncomfortable, and unlikely to impress anyone, to feeling powerfully in charge of my life. Yes, the fear of disappointment and disapproval still came up for a while, but every step in the journey had a huge payoff.

I felt more comfortable in my body. In fact, I felt stronger and more attractive than ever before. Dating became easy, because I wasn't interested in impressing anyone anymore. My career skyrocketed... in fact, within one year, I tripled my income.

The growth was so deeply rewarding that I decided I had to help other women do the same.

And to stop compromising on my own joy and satisfaction just to make other people happy.

So, I decided to stop wasting my best years chasing validation.


This is just a small taste of what personal empowerment has created in my own life and for my clients...

From: Anxious and shame-spiraling...
To: Calm as a cucumber and empathetic but unbothered during mom's Grade A class guilt-trips!

From: Debilitating stage-fright that swallowed her whole week...
To: Taking weekly improv classes and loving it!

From: Being guilted into paying (non-working) parents' rent...
To: Letting them to learn to be self-accountable.

From: Feeling sucked into "obligatory" 3-hours (or even longer) calls comforting and listening to her mom every single day...
To: 15-minute catch ups on days she genuinely wants to connect.

From: Burned out and always too busy to rest...
To: Guilt-free 3-hour bubble baths every week!

No matter the thought pattern, the scary fear, the difficult relationship dynamic... You have the power to change it.

Unleash the fulfilled, empowered, inspired, impactful woman you're meant to be.*

*In a way that is kind AND assures others deeply respect  you.

You're a sensitive, empathetic high-achiever. Caring, creative, raw, and so deeply loving.

You were taught do your best to make others feel good in your presence. To be humble and focus on making others feel heard... Even if you find yourself feeling invisible or overlooked.

Convenient for everyone else... but pretty poopy for you, right?

Today we draw a line in the sand. You get to be assertive, to hold your "no" and invite others to do the same. We will transform your relationships with yourself and eeeeeveryone around you, so that you create a life that feels fully aligned, authentic, and ALIVE.

Lena's coaching is truly remarkable. 

Lena has been instrumental in helping me carve out meaningful time for self-care and personal growth. With her unwavering support, I've embraced a more holistic way of living, building confidence and evolving into a more fulfilled individual.

The unique way in which Lena provides support is truly unparalleled. I am grateful for her expertise and encouragement in ways I haven't experienced elsewhere.

"Lena's holistic approach has been a game-changer for me." 

Mindfulness Coach


Before coaching with Lena I was feeling very run down after a few years of trying to create my own path to a career and had been suffering from a lot of self-doubt and worries about my choices and judgement. This made me almost paralyzed and overly fearful. 

Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe but quickly productive. Due to Lena's help and positive mirroring, I feel back in touch with my personal power and ready to keep taking on the challenges ahead.


Research Engineer


I was drawn to Lena because of her intuitive feminine approach. She helped me to appreciate my own femininity is a superpower when it comes to running a business.

Lena's coaching helps me with marketing, packages, pricing and customer relations, but it is my self-belief as an entrepreneur that has really shone through. I feel more confident as a business owner and understand myself, my strengths and my business pathway better.


EFT Practitioner


Before, I was exhausted and overworking without a clear strategy for my career growth. I was overworking because I wanted to be valuable, but I didn't even feel clear about where I was headed and what would make me happy and fulfilled.

I'm grateful Lena helps me make decisions that really reflect my values and desires, rather than what I feel I "should" do. Lena's coaching helps me feel reconnected with myself and I'm happier and more energized that I've been in a long time.

"I'm happier and more energized than I've been in a long time."

Talent Recruiter


More Client Praise:



I get to coach women all over the world on how to create a fulfilling life and step into THEIR POWER. 


Married and started traveling the world with my husband 


Was recognized as a
Silicon Valley Woman of Influence


Worked my ass off (also literally) to lead my life in a more fulfilling direction


Created a "super cool" life I didn't really like much... 


Created a specialized psych. and marketing degree


Became an activist for emotionally adaptive education systems


Fell deeply and madly in LOVE with behavioral psychology!

More About Me

& where I've been

Some numbers . .

Years of self- empowerment


badass women  transformed


Obsessed with your growth


servings of chocolate Daily


I'm obsessed with . . .

My meditative morning nature walk with Abraham Hicks grounds me in a fun, creative, and inspired state.

for daily self care

I love a great comedy-drama! Ted Lasso anyone?! Laughter is the best medicine and my favorite way to unwind.

binging on Weekends

A giant bowl of fresh fruit with unsweetened yogurt and some kind of chocolate topping!

can't live without

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