I used to trade so much of my time and energy for meaningless external validation...

I used to be tired, unfulfilled, underappreciated, and uncertain about how to fix it. Sound familiar?

Now, I'm on a mission. To reach women like you, ready to trust their incredible genius & worthiness, so they create a juicy, rewarding career that makes them excited to wake up in the morning!

I help women ditch the self-doubt and unleash their authentic personal authority so they create meaningful impact.

Reconnect with your internal authority over your life, your personal values, authentic leadership style, and powerful worthiness. Create the fulfilling and rewarding life you know you deserve.

I realized I needed a change when I was working and overworking a lower-management role that I couldn't stand anymore. I had been chasing the title, the money, the approval... and the results were just awful! I'm talking major burnout and no sense of accomplishment, limited finances, low emotional bandwidth, and feelings of unworthiness teetering on invisibility.

Through a lot of hard work, I learned to heal imposter syndrome, create healthier boundaries, and believe that my worldview is absolute gold. And then, my entire life changed. I went from feeling unworthy, uncomfortable, and unlikely to impress anyone, to feeling confidently in charge of my life. And so I dedicated my life to helping others learn to create internal validation and reconnect with their inner authority so they could feel the same way.

Your time and energy are precious.
You'Ve Got to stop wasting Your life on meaningless, never-ending to-do lists

Too many people waste their best years chasing validation

Discover how to create the fulfilling, inspiring, impactful  life you want.*

*In a way that makes others respect and appreciate you.

As children, most of us are taught to listen politely and do our best to make others feel good in our presence. We learn to be humble, think about how others see us, and make others feel heard...

Then, we become adults and we finally learn that
  • confidence and assertiveness are the only ways to get people to really listen to and respect us
  • overthinking is never-ending and SO exhausting
  • people won't give us the validation we were given  as children, even when we believe we deserve it

My job is to help you transform your relationships with yourself and with the external world, so that you are able to create a career and life that feel fully authentic, unique, empowered, fulfilling, meaningful, juicy, and FUN!


I get to coach women all over the world on how to create a fulfilling life and step into THEIR POWER. 


Married and started traveling the world with my husband 


Was recognized as a
Silicon Valley Woman of Influence


Worked my ass off (also literally) to lead my life in a more fulfilling direction


Landed a fancy managerial role... and overextended myself like crazy


Created a specialized psych. and marketing degree


Became an activist for emotionally adaptive education systems


Fell in LOVE with studying behavioral psychology!

My Timeline

where I've been

Fast facts. . .

podcast episodes recorded (so far)


Careers improved
-And counting!


Teams Served over my career


servings of chocolate Daily


I'm obsessed with . . .

My meditative morning nature walk with Abraham Hicks grounds me in a fun, creative, and inspired state.

for daily self care

I love a great comedy-drama! Ted Lasso anyone?! Laughter is the best medicine and my favorite way to unwind.

binging on Weekends

A giant bowl of fresh fruit with unsweetened yogurt and at least some kind of chocolate topping!

can't live without



Farm Stay




late nights


early mornings




Make a guess.  I prefer . . .

get to know me


"This improvement happened after only one month! Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart, and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe, but also quickly productive."
-Leela S.

"My self-confidence has gone from 30% to about 80%!"

"Before our calls, I was exhausted from overworking without a clear strategy for how to structure my life. Now I feel energized to take action. I'm grateful Lena helped me make the decisions that are best for me."
-Stephanie V.

"I'm happier and more energized than I've been for a while."

Lena's coaching helped me with marketing, packages, pricing and customer relations, but it is my self-belief as an entrepreneur that has really shone through. — Tash A.

"She helped me to appreciate my femininity is a superpower"  

Lena's coaching helped me become more action-oriented, giving me a much better sense of preparedness and helped move the process forward, giving me a sense of progress and fulfillment. — A.

"Lena's coaching gave me a sense of progress and fulfillment."  

Lena's coaching helped me connect with a new part of myself and let go of limiting beliefs. She'll help you gain increased self-awareness, confidence, and much better results. — Bertha

"Lena's unique approach transformed how I show up in my career."  

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