Be the ultimate authority on where your life is headed. 

Together, we'll make sure you put self-doubt and imposter syndrome in the past and become the ultimate authority on where your life is headed.

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Gain confidence & Personal authority

You've tried to come off as confident, but you're not the "cool and collected" or the assertive type - still, you know this shouldn't stand in the way of your manager, colleagues, and clients seeing how capable and intelligent you are.

You want to feel in control of your growth and success, and get the full respect and recognition that you deserve.

Just because you're a giver who cares about others and don't have your head up your butt (because you know humans are wrong sometimes), doesn't mean you should work hard to end up no-where. That's why it's important to reclaim your authentic confidence and leadership style. So that you're seen for the unique genius and meaningful contributions that you can make.

i see you...

You're tired of the corporate hamster wheel. You want to the respect & credit you deserve.

I believe respect and fulfillment are byproducts of doing work you love that also makes the world around you a better place. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Meaningful AND measurable impact

Leading your life is not about control. You'll learn practical strategies that put you in the drivers seat, while allowing life to be the messy growth-in-progress reality that it is.

strategic and sustainable Growth

No self-BS-ing involved. You'll learn proven tools for cultivating feels of confidence and certainty. Zero "faking it 'till you make it" required.

You'll actually trust yourself

3 Ways My Approach is Different...

Career Advancement: Leverage your personal brand and confidently negotiate up into the next level of your career.

Work-Life Integration: Create a healthy work-life balance, manage stress, and prioritize personal growth and self-care.

Effective Management: Improve your communication, decision-making, strategic planning, and conflict resolution.

Confidence and Self-Trust: Learn to overcome imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, and cultural barriers to success.

Authentic Leadership: Embrace your unique strengths and values, and align your leadership with your personal priorities. 

You'll Gain These Powerful and Life-Changing Skills!

Promotions, raises, title bumps, and real respect and recognition for the ways you're contributing. Not only for glamour - also because it opens the doors to powerful impact.

Board seats, new businesses, more control over when and how you work, and on what and how long. It's your career. 

A more rewarding and impactful life PLUS all the freedom and fulfillment of having a full life with personal growth, friends, family, & fun.

Feeling fully in control of your time, energy, health, wealth, and the legacy of impact you're creating.

Results my clients see...

"Before our calls, I was exhausted from overworking without a clear strategy for how to structure my life. Now I feel energized to take action. I'm grateful Lena helped me make the decisions that are best for me." -Stephanie V.

"I'm happier and more energized than I've been for a while."

Learn practical and powerful methods for healing self-doubt and letting go of imposter syndrome, so that you finally, truly trust yourself.

Learn to regulate your emotions, feel confident, and make decisions that transform your life.

Phase 1: Trust   Yourself

The 3-Phase Process

Stop living according to what other people want and start showing up in a way that aligns with your unique values and true priorities.

Get in the driver's seat and reconstruct your life around what really matters to YOU.

Phase 2: lead   your life

Learn to communicate and show up in ways that create the validating, meaningful, and rewarding life you know you deserve.

Cultivate a respected and valued presence that allows you to create meaningful change.

Phase 3: make an impact


"This improvement happened after only one month! Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart, and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe, but also quickly productive."
-Leela S.

"My self-confidence has gone from 30% to about 80%!"

"Before our calls, I was exhausted from overworking without a clear strategy for how to structure my life. Now I feel energized to take action. I'm grateful Lena helped me make the decisions that are best for me."
-Stephanie V.

"I'm happier and more energized than I've been for a while."

"I thought I never had time for myself between 3 kids and a tiring job. Lena taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME." — Jasmine V.

"Lena taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

We'll connect through text and voice messaging for full support and guidance between calls.


I'll call you via WhatsApp. You'll share where you're at and then we'll get to the
good stuff!

Real PErsonal growth

Coaching + mentorship + thought-partnership. Think of me as an employee in the company of your life. 


What coaching is like...

Accountability and progress tracking support with action plans, timelines, and clear multi-point strategies.

Ongoing support between calls, to provide clarifications and guidance, answer questions, and hear progress updates.

Resources, tools, and materials to help you develop specific skills related to leadership, negotiation, communication, and more.

Customized assignments and reflective exercises, designed to deepen self-awareness and support growth.

Monthly coaching and mentoring calls to discuss progress, set goals, and address specific topics or challenges.

All Lead Your Life Coaching packages include:

My 10th grade "about me" presentation was about aspiring to change the world. I've always wanted to help people, partly because I was an overly analytical, sensitive, and depressed child. I felt the world needed fixing. 

Since overcoming the gloomy feelings of powerlessness and self-doubt that kept me trapped for years, I've done a lot of good. TEDx Speaker, nonprofit director, and Chair of the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women; these are some ways I've led the world toward healing. In the process, I received congressional recognition and became a Silicon Valley 2020 Woman of Influence.

Still seeking to help people like the "old" me - built for greatness but feeling powerless over their future - I let go of my fancy roles. Now I help women like you to ditch the self-doubt and reclaim your internal authority, personal values, and confidence so that you powerfully lead your life toward your dreams and make the world around you a healthier and happier place.

meet  your coach!

I'm Lena — personal authority coach and accoladed leader.

What would it be like if your life felt as good on the inside as it *looks* on your LinkedIn? 

The titles on your resume can't be cashed in for meaningful growth, fulfillment, or self-esteem.
It's time to ditch the self-doubt and create the fulfilling and rewarding life you deserve.

Get into the driver's seat.

take the first step.

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