Too many women confuse being humble and hard working with allowing self-doubt and people-pleasing get in the way of creating the recognition, appreciation, the respect that they deserve.

That stops today. 

Confident and Respected Woman

You know you deserve to be?

Are you Ready to Become The

You're not afraid of hard work. In fact, you're happy to work hard... but you're realizing your humble and giving "can-do" attitude is actually costing you. You feel overlooked and under-appreciated, and at least a part of you that knows that you deserve better.

You want to feel valued and to be treated with the respect and appreciation that you deserve. And you understand that the only person that can make that happen is you.

You're ready to step into the next version of you - the woman who gets the money, recognition, and respect she so clearly deserves. And you'd like the support of someone who knows how to go from overworked, underpaid, and insecure to living meaningful, rewarding, fulfilling life - and that's where I come in!

Here's how it starts...

You're tired of second-guessing yourself. You want the respect and success you deserve.

CONFIDENCE: The kind of confidence that allows you to stop wasting time and energy justifying what you want so that you finally let yourself leap into creating it.   

RESPECT: We'll validate your self-worth through the roof and get you to give yourself so much respect that everyone around you learns to honor your values and boundaries.

FREEDOM: Imagine confidently asking for and receive what you deserve. Whether it's increased income, affection, free time - the experiences you desire exist on the other side of confidence and self-respect. 

Get ready to for:

Before, I was exhausted and overworking without a clear strategy for my career growth. Lena's coaching helps me feel reconnected with myself and I'm happier and more energized than I've been in a long time. -Steph V.

"I'm happier and more energized than I've been in a long time."

Respect and fulfillment are byproducts of doing work you love that also makes the world around you a better place. We will set you up to do EXACTLY that. No more, no less. 

You'll create Meaningful AND measurable impact

You'll gain practical strategies to become a decisive and effective powerhouse in every area of your life and keep growing even after our 1:1 coaching is over.

You'll see Growth in every area of your life

I'll teach you proven strategies for cultivating genuine confidence and certainty in your value. Zero "fake it 'til you make it" required.

You'll become a woman who trusts herself fully

3 Ways My Approach is Unique...

3 Components to Become Deeply Valued, Respected & Unrecognizably Successful

Learn practical and powerful methods for healing self-doubt and letting go of imposter syndrome.

Trust yourself and confidently make decisions that are authentically you!

Surreal Self-Trust 

Authentic, feminine, vulnerable, raw, real, empathetic, and imperfect - learn to fully embrace yourself and lead from there.

Walk into any room or situation with the kind of confidence that attracts respected.

Powerful Presence

Communicate and show up in ways that create the validating, meaningful, and rewarding life you know you deserve.

Become your biggest advocate and confidently create the life you know you deserve.

Complete Conviction


$7,500 for 6 Months

* Payment plans are available.

+ 6 or 12 months of private coaching
+ 3 x 60min coaching calls per month 
+ 1 x 20min extra confidence boost per month
+ Custom homework and accountability check-ins
+ Unlimited private text and voice memo access 
+ Special access to additional offers!

what's included

Our goal is simple: get your life to reflect the innate wisdom and personal power you hold so that you have become the confident and respected woman you deserve to be.

1:1 Private Coaching

Soo much support! In addition to 3 monthly calls, you get a bonus confidence-booster each month and unlimited voice memo and text messaging between calls.

Unlimited Support

Get different levels of accountability based on what this particular week, month, or season requires. Everything from customized homework, to check-ins, to feedback.


We discuss anything and everything needed for you to confidently create a life where you feel seen, respected, and valued, and create unrecognizable success.

Deep Dive Coaching

Your 1:1 Transformation Includes:

"Alright Lena, what does this unrealistic success look like?"

Another client was scared to ask to transition to a new role, where they "lacked formal experience." 

They now communicate with complete conviction and are LOVING the new role.

One client was trying to do it all herself, because she was scared her husband wouldn't believe in her dreams if she "needed help". 

Coaching boosted her confidence and now her relationship is THRIVING.

One client started coaching in the hopes that she will feel "good enough" to apply for her dream jobs. 

Surreal self-trust allowed her to transition to a new role (against her family's wishes) where she is truly fulfilled.

Another client was neglecting relationships to "stay on top of things" at work.

During coaching she gained confidence in the quality of her work. Now she always has time for self-care and to be with people she loves. 

A client came to me wanting to move to another country to live with her boyfriend. 

Our coaching sent her self-worth through the roof - and she realized she deserves someone who equally prioritizes living with her.

One client mastered surreal self-trust in her packages and pricing.

Within just a couple of months of coaching, she more than DOUBLED her prices AND became fully booked out. 

I used to be completely broke, overweight, burned out, and feeling incredibly stuck in my career and in my personal life. It was painful, but learning to overcome my inner critic and go ALL IN on building my confidence and cultivating a respected leadership presence is what makes me so good at what I do.

I know how to deal with the most powerless feelings, which is why I will help you overcome yours and get the unrecognizable success that I KNOW you deserve. 

In under a year, I went from insecure and invisible lower-level manager to confident and respected Director-level executive and recognized community leader. Now, I coach women on everything career and leadership, including a DEEP internal transformation to become the powerful, self-trusting, and fulfilled woman you know you're meant to be. 

Working with me means having a partner who sees the incredibly powerful woman that you are and ensures that you let her wisdom, creativity, femininity, unique weirdness, and deepest desires shine into a beautifully rewarding, fulfilling, and unrecognizably successful life. 

What you need to know about me:

Hi, I'm Lena.

The World Needs Your Authentic Leadership

There is so much in the world that we cannot control. But you have your own little corner of the world that needs your authentic leadership.

You get to feel in control of your success, your income, and your impact. Trust yourself, step into your greatness, create your impact. The world needs you. 

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