- Diana -

"Lena connected the dots between my challenges in business to childhood wounds in a way I haven't heard or thought of before. She is SO skilled at asking deep questions, doing somatic work, and showing so much compassion!"

Lena's programs will change your life!

"I was able to have revelations that I didn't even have in the past TEN YEARS that I've been doing personal development and working on my money mindset. 

I'm so excited for the future now because of the tools that she gave me. I would highly recommend working with Lena!"


"Within a few days of getting coached by Lena, my day-to-day self esteem changed drastically. I stopped being so mean to myself, raised my self-esteem, and start prioritizing connection again."

"Having Lena in your corner supporting you will absolutely change the trajectory of your life."

Danielle Insley

"Lena's coaching is truly remarkable
Lena has been instrumental in helping me carve out meaningful time for self-care and personal growth. With her unwavering support, I've embraced a more holistic way of living, building confidence and evolving into a more fulfilled individual."

- Bianca -

I was drawn to Lena because of her intuitive feminine approach. She helped me to appreciate my femininity as a superpower for running a business. We changed a lot of my marketing and offers, but it is my self-belief as an entrepreneur that changed most! I understand myself, my strengths and my business pathway better.

- Tash -

I love the way Lena teaches honoring the parts of us that want to support others with the ones that want self-care & me-time, and finding that balance.

I feel closer to myself and I'm so excited to see where these new perspectives take me!

 - Askhita -

"I went from logically knowing that I'm confident and have dreams worth pursuing to actually feeling it in my body!

Lena does not only mindset work but somatic work, and that pairing is really magical for now only knowing you can do something but really feeling it."


"I learned so much about people-pleasing from Lena!

I'm all about making sure the people in my life feel understood and seen and loved, and I thought setting unapologetic boundaries would be hurting them BUT it's actually empowering them - and I wouldn't have been able to see that without Lena and her coaching."

Destiny Davis

Before Lena, I was exhausted overworking. I wanted to feel valuable, but wasn't clear on where I was headed or what would fulfill me.

Lena helped me make decisions that really reflect me and my values, rather than what I feel I "should" do. I'm happier and more energized that I've been in a long time.

- Steph -

Lena is an incredible coach... and I mean INCREDIBLE! I've been a self-help junkie for years now, and didn't make much progress on letting go of people-pleasing.

After only a couple sessions with Lena she was able to help me uncover the roots of my people-pleasing. It's crazy how much knowledge she has and that she can really SEE you so quickly.

- Michaela -

Before Lena, I felt run down after years of trying to create my career path and suffering from a lot of self-doubt about my choices. 

My self-confidence has gone from 30% to about 80% in only a month, which feels more significant than it even sounds! I feel back in touch with my personal power and ready to keep taking on the challenges ahead. 

 - Leela -

- Bertha -

"I used to have intense (debilitating) stage fright. During our coaching, Lena gave me an odd assignment.. then almost by magic, I felt super relaxed in my presentation and delivered it naturally and without notes! Even my boss noticed. She told me it was my best presentation and asked me what I did differently.

Lena's coaching helps me connect with new parts of myself and let go of limiting beliefs. She'll help you increase self-awareness and confidence, and get better results."

"Before coaching with Lena, I was scared to tell management that I wanted to transition from Software Engineer to Product Manager. And I wasted MONTHS trying to foresee potential obstacles and figure out how to tackle them. 

Lena coaching completely changed my mindset and outlook. Within a few sessions, I spoke to my current and potential new managers about the move, and within a few months I was already getting praised and leading super high-impact projects!"

- A -

"Before working with Lena, I would become suuuper avoidant with simple tasks because of how overwhelmed I felt. I would go around in circles and just give up and put things on an indefinite "pause".

With Lena, it's common for me to jump on our calls zoomed into a long list of tactical short-term to-dos and within minutes Lena is able to help me zoom out and get clear on exactly what to prioritize. She really sees me, and helps me move based on my "why", my values, and my big-picture goals."

- B -

"Lena's coaching is like getting tea with a long-time friend."

"If you want someone who is going to really handle everything that you've been through and are going through with a such care and attention to detail, then Lena is your person."

Jazmyne Simmons

- Anna Maria -

Before working with Lena I struggled with people pleasing, bouts of low self esteem, and putting way too much pressure on myself. Lena helped me realize I could give myself permission to protect my health and energy by focusing on the short term instead of hustling aimlessly and burning out.

She has a way to prompt you and ask significant questions, gently bringing you to answering the questions yourself and exploring options that may have never crossed your mind before. She helped me feel clear-headed and so much more self respect and confidence!