You're a powerful leader. A wise and perceptive woman born to lead massive impact on this planet... and statistically speaking you probably still find yourself people-pleasing on a semi-regular basis...

The Breaking Up with People-Pleasing FREE training uses behavioral psychology to eliminate any compulsive cravings to please others in just 7 days.

68% of Women still People-Please at the cost of their own happiness..? Fck that.

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You’re the one who holds space, who comforts, who takes care of everyone you love. You're the one people call when they have big feelings, the person they think of when they're overwhelmed with a million tasks and need help. People have grown to expect you to be there for them for emotional relief... but what about the power of your wisdom? Is your highest self fully present and seen in your most important relationships?

Even today, empathetic women world-wide try to fit in people's comfort zones, putting others first, and keeping their world-changing wisdom and their emotional needs hidden.
And you're here because you're done being one of them.

Stop catering to others' comfort zones and show up as the wise woman you are.

Less Pleasing, More Serving!

"Breaking Up with People-Pleasing helped me see that healing people pleasing isn’t about making big, dramatic shifts, it’s about showing up for yourself in the seemingly small shifts!

If you're a recovering people pleaser struggling with navigating it in realtime, Lena will give you amazing advice on how to approach tough situations with family, clients, whoever while also giving you clarity so you can give yourself what you actually need vs. what you think people pleasing will give you."

- dEstiny -

"Since Breaking Up with People-Pleasing, I find I'm catching myself whenever I had the urge to be people-please and starting to shifting how I wanted to respond in the moment. I love the way Lena outlines honoring which parts of us that want to support others, which want self-care & me-time, and finding that balance.

The Breaking Up with People-Pleasing exercises really help you get closer with yourself. They helped me realize that I want to do more of the things that truly light me up instead of those that drain me. I'm so excited to see where these new perspectives take me! Thanks for putting this together, Lena!"

 - akshita -


Get 7 Days of Videos and Exercises uniquely designed to help you re-pattern your mind and your relationships, using behavioral psychology.

This training may be free..
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Screw letting other people's reactions shape your boundaries and decisions. Claim the next level of the embodied leader you're becoming 🔥