(noun) a supreme ruler, especially a monarch
(adjective) possessing supreme or ultimate power
AKA liberated woman who rules her own life.


I'm guessing you grew up in a household that didn't process feelings well. There was shame, blame, power-dynamics, tension, and you likely felt responsible for other people's feeling. Naturally, you learned  to avoid letting people be upset. And it made you a bit of a mind-reader.

Your parents did their best (probably) and whether they did a "good enough" job or not, the point is this: You became adult with some "sticky" feelings of obligation. You read people well and know how they feel... and find yourself downplaying your own needs to make others feel good.

All of which sound great except you often feel invisible, overlooked, under-nurtured, and emotionally overwhelmed even in your closest relationships - with your parents, your partner, pretty much everyone... And, most importantly, in your relationship with yourself.

Here's what I know about you already...

You're deeply empathetic, highly sensitive, and have insane emotional intelligence.

Receive world class coaching directly with Lena, founder of Sovereign Sphere Movement, inside this inner circle mastermind experience! Read all the way through to get a picture of what it might look like to grow YOUR unshakeable confidence and self-worth that radiates into every moment. Give yourself permission to become the woman who gets the respect and intimacy you want and honor yourself as a true Sovereign.

As a Sovereign you grow alongside a coach and community that understands that your empathy is meant to be an asset for you (not an obligation to others) and know that you're deeply held, seen, supported, celebrated every step of the way by a mentor who'll advocate for your uncompromised alignment with yourself.

Because you deserve it. And the world deserves empowerment from you, for you, and with you.

To Claim radical ownership of yourself, your PERsonal PoWER, and Your sovereign Experience of life.

In a society that makes it so easy to feel obligated play small, act like it's your full-time job to people-please, get distracted from your dreams with silly 'norms' and unfair & utterly useless expectations, feel guilty at the first sign of negativity and avoid the discomfort necessary for growth... CHOOSE TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. 


This is Your Time to Live Sovereign

In a world where women can be anything - 68% of women are still "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness"

Become your own biggest advocate. Develop the confidence and self-trust to prioritize your wants and needs and lean into your unapologetic self-expression so you create unrecognizable radiance, romance, and respect.

You value yourself too much to be taken for granted.

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Sovereign is not just a nine-month program - it's a whole MOVEMENT of empathetic women role-modeling healthy self-validation and fulfillment around the globe.


Our goal is simple: Light your personal power on fire to Align your relationships with your badass empowered SOvereign Self.

Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe but quickly productive. Due to Lena's help and positive mirroring, I feel back in touch with my personal power and ready to keep taking on the challenges ahead. 
- Leela S.

"I feel back in touch with my personal power"

"Having Lena in your corner supporting you will absolutely change the trajectory of your life."

Danielle Insley

"Fucking do it!!! Not only for you but also for the people around you, because I know how much you care about them."

Destiny davis

SOVEREIGN Client Love...

Live a life liberated from social pressure & subconscious expectations so that you embody your true essence and advocate for what you really truly want in every relationship in your life: whether with it's with parents, partner, or your purpose!

Show up As your Sovereign Self

Kind boundaries don't push people away - they bring people in closer! You'll learn to set loving & empowered boundaries that make you feel like a team with the people you love and create space for all the self-care, intimacy and fun you desire.

Set Unapologetic & Kind BOUNDARIES

All that second-guessing and overthinking is not serving anyone! In Sovereign, we work with behavioral psychology to create empowering self-talk habits that allow you to trust your worth and confidently go all in toward what you really want.

Learn to trust and honor yourself

Love and Liberate Yourself

Screw people-pleasing norms. You get to feel held as you rewire your neutral pathways and become a more self-loving and self-honoring version of you that magnetizes love, respect, and joy in every single relationship in your life.


Your 9 Months in Sovereign Include:

Daily (M-t) Access to ask questions and get coaching on an abundance of topics between group calls

Daily coaching inside the Sovereign slack Channel

$25K in value

18 Calls to shift your mindset, role-play new boundaries & unleash your Sovereign Self


$35.5K in value

A community of supportive women from around the world who hold space for your transformations

amazing Sovereign Sisterhood  

$9K In Value




$22.5K in value

You'll receive three 30-minute Intimate, power-packed Private Calls with Lena

3X Private 1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching sessions with Lena

$3K+ in value

(but actually priceless...)

*AND* as a

Special Bonus. . .

You Get These Powerful Trainings:


total value:


$9500 pay in full

And you get ALL this support at the investment of...


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Your Next 9 Months Will empower every area of your life

I spent years eating my feelings and shoving them down to people-please in the hopes that I'd get to feel less lonely. But it didn't work. The more I tried to escape the feeling of not being good enough, the more powerless and insecure I felt. 

Sucky relationships permeated into every area of my life, and I avoided dealing with it head on for so many years and years... until I became one of the most isolated people I knew. But here I am today, in a marriage that gives me butterflies just thinking about it, with parents so proud it's almost annoying, AND I am genuinely, authentically, uncompromisingly myself with everyone. 

Working with me means having a partner in growth, who sees the incredibly powerful woman that you are and ensures that you let her wisdom, creativity, femininity, unique weirdness, and deepest desires shine into a beautifully rewarding, fulfilling, and loving life <3 

Your Self-Liberation Hype- Woman

Hi, I'm Lena.

Sovereign is 9 months because this is a gestation period to grow and give birth to the empowered and joyful you that you deserve to be. Because of this, Sovereign is a rolling mastermind where you can join us any time and get your full 9 months of growth together. The right time to nurture yourself is always right now <3 

When will this round of Sovereign begin?

Yes! You can pay the $9,500 in full or you can pay $1,111 per month for 9 months. We value accessibility, so if you're ready to join and need a tiny bit of extra flexibility then let us know what your finances look like and we will do our best to make sure you can join us in Sovereign asap.

Are there payment plans?

Because our community has women from multiple timezones, we decide call times accordingly. We will officially choose the time for our weekly coaching call and the times for the live trainings once we know which time zones are in the room with us. 

What Time are the Sovereign weekly calls?

+ 9 months of weekly group coaching
+ Six powerful mindset-shifting trainings
+ Slack access to personal coaching 
+ Special access to Lena's challenges
+ Quality time peer calls with your Sovereign sisters

What's everything included in sovereign?

You deserve to feel actively encouraged to be true to yourself. So we build a holistic support system that ensures you do just that! Sovereign provides you with ALL the support I wish I'd had earlier in my personal empowerment journey, with a community of women who want to see you at your most liberated and satisfied state.

is Sovereign differenT Vs. other programs?

Sovereign is not just a "get trained"  program - we share deep feelings and practice new communication styles together. The application process is to ensure a solid, supportive community you deserve with conscious, loving, and supportive women. The only "requirement" is to be present, living, and open-hearted.

Why is there an application?

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe our differences make us stronger. Sovereign is for entrepreneurs, career-women, and work-at-home wives and mamas alike. In 10yr marriages and who've never been on a date. Battling depression and happy + ready for more. What we share is our commitment to mindfulness, personal accountability, and growth!

What kind of women will I meet inside?

Yes! In addition to the immersive live trainings and challenges, you will have daily coaching access to Lena in Slack for the full 9 months. In Slack, we have channels designed to give you holistic support in so many areas, from self-trust, to communicating, to intimacy, to fun. There will also be ways to receive 1:1 intensive bonuses, so look out for those ;)

Will I have 1:1 Access to Lena?

Unleash the Sovereign Within

In a world where people-pleasing is the "polite" norm, you date to be genuinely, authentically, powerfully kind. 

If there's a part of you that would rather grow with sisterhood and a coach in your corner.. If you're ready to become your own biggest advocate.. You belong in the Sovereign Sphere.

You empower others by role modeling freedom and power.

Join us!