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(noun) a supreme ruler, especially a monarch
(adjective) possessing supreme or ultimate power
- a.k.a. -
A liberated woman who rules her life.

In case you're looking for a traditional relationship or boundaries coach who's gonna tell you to "make the people you love happy" or to "love people from a healthy distance" then this is not for you. If you believe it IS your inherent obligation and responsibility to make people around you comfy 24/7 - even when it means missed growth opportunities, less self-awareness for them, and fewer needs met for you, and that it's okay if you're too burned out and depressed to bring your magic to the world... there's no need to keep reading.

In the Sovereign Sphere we say "nope, thanks" to the manufactured social norms of endless obligations. Instead, we prioritize your accountability to fulfilling your purpose and to enriching the world around you with your unique perspective. We believe our power is in our presence, that our growth is on the other side of discomfort, and that life is not about catering to other people's judgements but actually practicing and trusting our own discernment.

With our world-class live coaching with Lena, community of the most empathetic and supportive women, abundant trainings and daily support... you can't not ignite your life.

You have a deep vision and purpose
And you're here for more than soothing everyone else's feelings.

Society tells us that "being nice" means: Making sure that everyone around us is comfortable + Helping out whenever we can + Saying 'yes' as much as possible + Fitting into the roles people assign us and THEIR definition of what it means to be a good friend, daughter, sister, wife, bestie, girlfriend, employee, manager... the list goes on.


I'm guessing you grew up in a household that didn't fully process feelings. There was shame, blame, power-dynamics, tension, and you kinda felt responsible for other people's emotions.

Your parents did their best (probably) and whether they did a "good enough" job or not, the point is this: You became an adult with some "sticky" feelings of obligation. You read people, you know what they want... and find yourself downplaying your own needs to make others feel good.

People love that you make them feel loved! But you find yourself unable to fall asleep at 3am, feeling exhausted, burned out, and even resentful because you're so tired of feeling overlooked, and under-acknowledged, even in your closest relationships with your parents, your partner, pretty much everyone... And, most importantly, in your relationship with yourself.

You know what you what fills your cup. Your know what self-care suits you. Maybe it's that three hour bubble bath you've been craving, or skin-care routine with 73 steps that no one really needs... or maybe it's honestly just 20 minutes of silence, to finally wash your hair again, or to close your laptop early enough in the day so that you can cook yourself a nourishing and comforting meal. 

The point it, you want to enjoy being alive, living in your body, soothing your senses. And whether it’s taking a walk outside and getting some sunshine, or going meditating 5 extra minutes, you're tired of telling yourself that you don't have the time or energy to do what you want, when you ALSO see yourself being everyone's go-to helper, shoulder to cry on, brainstorm buddy, hype girl, and emotional pacifier.

You're done being the daughter, sister, woman you’re "supposed" to be and you're ready to become the powerful, loving, and centered woman you know you're MEANT to be.

Here's what I know about you already...

You're deeply empathetic, highly sensitive, loving... and maybe also a tiny bit resentful...

Receive world class coaching directly with Lena, founder of Sovereign Sphere Movement, inside this inner circle mastermind experience! Read all the way through to get a picture of what it might look like to grow YOUR unshakeable confidence and self-worth that radiates into every moment. Give yourself permission to become the woman who gets the respect and intimacy you want and honor yourself as a true Sovereign.

As a Sovereign you grow alongside a coach and community that understands that your empathy is meant to be an asset for you (not an obligation to others) and know that you're deeply held, seen, supported, celebrated every step of the way by a mentor who'll advocate for your uncompromised alignment with yourself.

Because you deserve it. And the world deserves empowerment from you, for you, and with you.

To Claim radical ownership of yourself, your PERsonal PoWER, and Your sovereign Experience of life.

In a society that makes it so easy to feel obligated play small, act like it's your full-time job to people-please, get distracted from your dreams with silly 'norms' and unfair & utterly useless expectations, feel guilty at the first sign of negativity and avoid the discomfort necessary for growth... CHOOSE TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. 


This is Your Time to Live Sovereign

In a world where women can be anything - 68% of women are still "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness"

Develop the confidence and self-trust to prioritize your wants and needs and lead every relationship with unapologetic self-expression to magnetize powerful romance, respect, and real impact.

You're ready to stand out and stand up for your values.

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Sovereign is not just a nine-month program - it's a whole MOVEMENT of empathetic women role-modeling healthy self-validation and fulfillment around the globe.


Our goal is simple: Light your personal power on fire to Align your relationships with your badass empowered SOvereign Self.

Lena has a high and adaptive intelligence, a big heart and real integrity. These combine to make coaching not just emotionally safe but quickly productive. Due to Lena's help and positive mirroring, I feel back in touch with my personal power and ready to keep taking on the challenges ahead
- Leela S.

"I feel back in touch with my personal power"


No matter the thought pattern, the fear, the Challenging Power dynamic - You have the power to change it

From: Anxious and shame-spiraling in every little disagreement...
To: Calm as a cucumber and empathetic but unbothered during mom's Grade A class guilt-trips!

From: Overworking in a job that was totally underpaying her...
To: Changing career paths and 3Xing her salary in an awesome team.

From: Being guilted into paying (non-working) parents' rent...
To: Letting them to learn to be self-accountable.

From: Feeling sucked into "obligatory" 3-hours (or even longer) calls comforting and listening to her mom every single day...
To: 15-minute catch ups on days she genuinely wants to connect.

From: Burned out and always too busy to rest...
To: Guilt-free 3-hour bubble baths every week!

These are just a tiny handful of the many results the SOVEREIGN Method has created...

Live a life liberated from social pressure & subconscious expectations so that you embody your true essence and advocate for what you really truly want in every relationship in your life: whether with it's with parents, partner, or your purpose!

Show up As your Sovereign Self

Kind boundaries don't push people away - they bring people in closer! You'll learn to set loving & empowered boundaries that make you feel like a team with the people you love and create space for all the self-care, intimacy and fun you desire.

Set Unapologetic & Kind BOUNDARIES

All that second-guessing and overthinking is not serving anyone! In Sovereign, we work with behavioral psychology to create empowering self-talk habits that allow you to trust your worth and confidently go all in toward what you really want.

Learn to trust and honor yourself

Love and Liberate Yourself

Screw people-pleasing norms. You get to feel held as you rewire your neutral pathways and become a more self-loving and self-honoring version of you that magnetizes love, respect, and joy in every single relationship in your life.


We start by identifying your unique wisdom and values. The things that make you so completely you. The reasons you're alive. And we create a clear values system to keep you aligned and in tune with your unique essence.

Values awareness


Your Sovereign Self lights up and comes alive when you master the signature V.A.L.I.D Formula:

Using your clear values system, we tap into the power that you've been hiding or minimizing to try to help others stay in their comfort zone, and we'll bring your wisdom, insights, and gifts up to the surface, where they belong.

Aligning your power

This is the time to dive deep into self-care rituals, that nurture and cultivate a profound sense of self-worth, allowing you to both receive and give, grow through discomfort, and lead your life from a place of true overflow.

Loving yourself more

Time to reframe your relationships for true interdependence. This is where your new aptitude for setting kind, unapologetic boundaries will turn the dial up on relationships with trust, reciprocity, mutual growth, and respect.


We'll integrate your new unapologetic alignment seamlessly into your daily life so that you create the abundance, love, and liberation you deserve AND show others how to  embody true self-leadership and sovereignty.

Deepening Leadership

"Having Lena in your corner supporting you will absolutely change the trajectory of your life."

Danielle Insley

"Fucking do it!!! Not only for you but also for the people around you, because I know how much you care about them."

Destiny davis

SOVEREIGN Client Love...

Reclaim and Rebirth the Empowered Woman You Are with SOVEREIGN.



Inside of The Sovereign Mastermind, you get bi-weekly calls where you get to connect with other women and get coached by Lena on further step into your power.


This is worth the entire investment. Kickstart your journey with a personalized call with Lena to identify core beliefs, patterns, and opportunities to turn the dial up on your power.


Imagine getting into a group chat each week or even daily where you can plug in, ask questions, be seen and get support to embody your highest self on a whole new level.


Learn the in's and out's of Lena's signature 5-Part V.A.L.I.D Formula, and build a foundation of self-trust and self-esteem that allows you to stop seeking external validation and start creating it for yourself instead.


Soon after you join, we'll schedule a week of Private WhatsApp support with Lena, where you get to dive deeper on the Onboarding Private Call or coach on a specific relationship or self-talk dynamic that you're ready to shift. 


A mix of fun and focus, these themes and challenges will help you dive deeper into specific areas of growth. These themes, like self-care, saying no, and being bolder will come with applicable paths to integrate and embody your Sovereign Self. 

One client felt guilty about setting boundaries because her sisters were "left stuck with her parents' issues"

She now understands her role modeling is key and sees her siblings are capable adults and totally safe.

Another client felt so insecure about public speaking that it was getting in the way of doing her job...

Days later, her boss asked what she did differently to NAIL a presentation. NOW she does improv weekly!

A client had a boss who was downright disrespectful and she didn't feel safe setting healthy boundaries with him.

She's since told him politely that she needs better leadership from him and he apologized for his behavior.

One of us was so fed up with eating her feelings.

She set new boundaries in her relationships & we processed big feelings together + ⬆ her self-care.

She lost over 50lbs since.

One client came to me saying she "just wants to feel cool" without working herself into the ground.

We defined and normalized living in her unique style of "cool" & she feels kinder to her self and more confident.

A client was skipping self-care and quality time with her boyfriend to "stay on top of work" she was assigned.

We ⬆ her confidence, she set new boundaries, and now she's working out, reading, & doing the things she loves!


Your Next 9 Months Will empower every Relationship in your life

I grew up feeling powerless. I was so busy trying to be "good enough" and worthy of love that I never set healthy boundaries. It took years for me to notice I had become overworked but underappreciated, kept having one crappy relationships (and friendship) after the next where my needs were completely invisible, and I was eating my feelings so much I became overweight and with chronic pain. My life sucked so much that I decided I needed to get back in touch with my power - no matter the cost.

I flipped my WHOLE life upside down. And within a few years I went from being the most isolated people I knew to being in a marriage that gives me butterflies just thinking about it, with parents so proud of me it's almost annoying, friends that have my back, stronger and more fit than I ever thought possible for me. And, most importantly I'm fully, authentically, uncompromisingly myself all the freaking time and it feels so good!!

Working with me means having a partner in growth, who sees the incredibly powerful woman that you are and ensures that you let her wisdom, creativity, femininity, unique weirdness, and deepest desires shine into a beautifully rewarding, fulfilling, and loving life <3 

Your Self-Liberation Hype- Woman

Hi, I'm Lena.

The Sovereign schedule is timed around intimate cohorts for a 9 month gestation period to grow and give birth to the empowered and joyful you that you deserve to be. We've crafted it so you can join us any time and receive support right away, because the right time to nurture yourself is always now.

When will this round of Sovereign begin?

Yes! You can pay in full or you can pay in monthly payments over the 9 months. We value accessibility, so if you're ready to join and need a tiny bit of extra flexibility then let us know what your finances look like and we will do our best to make sure you can join us in Sovereign asap.

Are there payment plans?

Because our community has women from multiple timezones, we decide call times accordingly.We will officially choose the time for our weekly coaching call and the times for the live trainings once we know which time zones are in the room with us. 

What Time are the Sovereign weekly calls?

+ Biweekly intimate group calls
+ Onboarding 45-minute Private call with Lena
+ Daily M-Th group Telegram coaching
+ Monthly themes and challenges tailored to the group
+ The Bonuses!!

What's everything included in sovereign?

OMG YES! Sovereign provides you with ALL the support I wish I'd had earlier in my personal empowerment journey, with a community of women who want to see you at your most liberated and satisfied state. Incredible coaching calls + Life-changing trainings + Group hangs. It's like the world's best self-empowerment blanket.

is Sovereign differenT Vs. other programs?

We share deep feelings. We practice new communication styles together. We support the fck out of each other. The application process is to ensure a solid, supportive community you deserve with conscious, loving, and supportive women. The only "requirement" is to be present, loving, and open-hearted.

Why is there an application?

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe our differences make us stronger. Sovereign is for entrepreneurs, career-women, and work-at-home wives and mamas alike. In 10yr marriages and who've never been on a date. Battling depression and happy + ready for more. What we share is our commitment to mindfulness, personal accountability, and growth!

What kind of women will I meet inside?

Yes! In addition to the immersive live trainings, you have daily coaching access to Lena in Slack for the full 9 months. In Slack, we have channels designed to give you holistic support in so many areas, from self-trust, to communicating, to intimacy, to fun. AND for a limited time, we have a special bonus of THREE private 1:1 calls with Lena. 

Will I have 1:1 Access to Lena?

"Lena's coaching is truly remarkable
Lena has been instrumental in helping me carve out meaningful time for self-care and personal growth. With her unwavering support, I've embraced a more holistic way of living, building confidence and evolving into a more fulfilled individual."

- Bianca -

"I was able to have revelations that I didn't even have in the past TEN YEARS that I've been doing personal development and working on my mindset. I'm so excited for the future now because of the tools that Lena gave me. I highly recommend working with Lena!"

- Alysha -

Lena is an incredible coach... and I mean INCREDIBLE! I've been a self-help junkie for years now, and didn't make much progress on letting go of people-pleasing. Lena was able to help me uncover the roots of my people-pleasing. It's crazy... she can really SEE you so quickly.

 - Michaela -


Unleash the Sovereign Within

In a world where people-pleasing is the "polite" norm, you dare to be genuinely, authentically, powerfully kind. 

If there's a part of you that would rather grow with sisterhood and a coach in your corner.. If you're ready to become your own biggest advocate.. You belong in the Sovereign Sphere.

You empower others by role modeling freedom and power.

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