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This is for you if you:

You're growing and shifting your identity, and you want to be kinder to yourself and more feel more confident about who you're becoming.

You’re tired of letting other people's opinions and reactions shape your boundaries.

Part of you knows you can enjoy your life even more — improve your relationships, increase your income, get more respect — and you want to see yourself go for it. 

You’ve spent too long overthinking what you say and do and you want to see yourself be your authentic, incredible self AND feel respected and rewarded for it. 

Join us and get:

Mindset reframes on where to draw the line on people-pleasing

Daily trainings, including exercises and journal prompts

A clear vision of the embodied leader you're becoming 🔥

Eliminate your compulsive cravings to please others in just 7 days by using behavioral psychology to change your relationship with yourself.

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