"I came into this expecting to learn a little bit about validating myself, but that I still wouldn't actually feel anything positive when trying to validate myself, but boy was I wrong. Turns out, validating myself actually feels 10x better than when the validation comes from someone else.

If a friend asked me whether to join VALID, I would say GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE. You deserve it."
- Danielle

Stop Seeking External Validation and Start Creating it For Yourself Instead.

I'm ready!

You know your strengths and opportunities for growth. And, being the growth-oriented woman that you are, you know that everyone always has opportunities to grow - no matter how exceptional they are. Still, when your analytical, mindful, growth-oriented brain looks at your behaviors, you find yourself putting yourself down for having big feelings, being "overly sensitive", not knowing the answer to things, having thoughts that might not always be right or "make sense" to other people. You often criticize yourself and sometimes find that you filter your self-expression based on what other people might think.

And being the total badass you know you are deep down, that just doesn't sit right with you. You're here to make big sht happen and you don't want to keep entertaining this half-you reality where you downplay how capable, intelligent, and powerful you are.

You're done dumping buckets of water on your internal flame to try to mold into who other people think you "should" be. You're done being the daughter, sister, woman, you’re "supposed" to be and you're ready to become the powerful, loving, and centered trailblazing leader you know you're meant to be. You're ready to feel grounded, to prioritize joy, to be confident AF. To be embodied in your message, in your essence, in feeling alive and on fire in your life. And you're ready to give yourself all the validation you need to live the life you're meant to.

You don't need anyone's approval

You're wise, loving, creative, quirky, and fun. And you'd like to know you have your back 24/7...

In case you're looking for a cozy place to get validation from a group of women who all just want to validate each other, this is not the place for that. Because I believe more than anything that you can generate 100% of the validation you need AND that doing so will be the MOST empowering, liberating, and joyful skill in your life. 

From the media, to the people closest to us, subliminal requests, expectations, and "ideals" are being presented to us by people who do not feel our feelings, our purpose, our passion, our perception. And without the ability to self-validate, the pressure to contort to expectations can distract us out of our authentic alignment again, and again, until our life becomes someone else's. A not-quite-authentic version of us who feels a tiny bit like a character. She lives our life, but we don't even relate to her fully. And as long as we continue to go into comparison, guilt, shame, even blaming or labeling our "imperfections", she gets to stay there. Living our life for us day, after day. 

If you're thinking "Lena, that's too real. It feels sticky, and gross. I don't like that my thoughts and feelings, and even my big dreams, are being hijacked by my idea of who I'm 'supposed to be' instead of who I know deep down I'm meant to be", then you're absolutely in the exact right place to be. 

Your feelings, Your desires, your unique way of seeing the world, They genuinely matter. 

We constantly get mixed signals about who we're "supposed to" be or what we "should do".  But to be the person you want to be, the woman you're meant to be, who lives centered in her purpose, in her values, in her uniqueness... you know you need to stop trying to fit a mold and validate the fck out of who you truly are.


Validate the Fck out of Yourself.

You big feeling and even bigger dreams. Your desires for romance, intimacy, creativity, space to breathe and expand. Your unique values. The way you see the world that no one else does. YOU are the only person who can validate them.

Become your own compass. Develop the confidence and self-trust to follow your instincts. Embody your medicine.  Lean into your unapologetic self-expression and create a life that reflects who you truly are.

Let's go!

The VALID Minimind is a promise to yourself:
To stop seeking external validation and to start creating all the validation you need and want ✨

Introducing VALID

Our goal is simple: Give you the confidence to take radical ownership of your life ❤️‍🔥

"What surprised me most is how Lena has a way to prompt you and gently bring you to the answers and options that never crossed your mind before."

I would absolutely recommend VALID to women struggling with self esteem and people pleasing, who want to feel heard, validated and guided"
- Anna Maria

"I would absolutely recommend!!!"


No matter the societal Norm, family expectation, professional pressure, or fear, we center and anchor you in yourself

From: Justifying thoughts and feelings in every little disagreement...
To: Expressing wants and needs from a solid and certain place.

From: Warped in indecision and confusion in every big decision...
To: Deciding to finally move to that dream city.

From: Feeling guilty asking for money clearly owed...
To: Asking for the money from a neutral and confident mindset.

From: Feeling sucked into family debates about who is wrong...
To: Politely bowing out of these conversations and enjoying walks and listening to music until they're done instead.

From: Saying yes to so many things that there's never any time to rest, relax, and self-care... 
To: Guilt-free naps, reading, and even bubble baths every week!

These are just a tiny handful of the many results the VALID Method has created...

You can be a growth-oriented, not at all perfect human and still Validate the Fck out of Yourself.

We start by identifying your unique wisdom and values. The things that make you so completely you. The reasons you're alive. And we create a clear values system to keep you aligned and in tune with your unique essence.

Values awareness


The VALID Minimind includes 5 calls, and each call coaches on a pillar of the 5-step V.A.L.I.D Formula:

Using your clear values system, we tap into the power that you've been hiding or minimizing to try to help others stay in their comfort zone, and we'll bring your wisdom, insights, and gifts up to the surface, where they belong.

Aligning your power

This is the time to dive deep into self-care rituals, that nurture and cultivate a profound sense of self-worth, allowing you to both receive and give, grow through discomfort, and lead your life from a place of true overflow.

Loving yourself more

Time to reframe your relationships for true interdependence. This is where your new aptitude for setting kind, unapologetic boundaries will turn the dial up on relationships with trust, reciprocity, mutual growth, and respect.


We'll integrate your new unapologetic alignment seamlessly into your daily life so that you create the abundance, love, and liberation you deserve AND show others how to  embody true self-leadership and sovereignty.

Deepening Leadership

VALID Will set you free and light your Life on fire 

I grew up feeling powerless. I was so busy trying to be "good enough" and worthy of love that I never set healthy boundaries. It took years for me to notice I had become overworked but underappreciated, kept having one crappy relationships (and friendship) after the next where my needs were completely invisible, and I was eating my feelings so much I became overweight and with chronic pain. My life sucked so much that I decided I needed to get back in touch with my power - no matter the cost.

I flipped my WHOLE life upside down. And within a few years I went from being the most isolated people I knew to being in a marriage that gives me butterflies just thinking about it, with parents so proud of me it's almost annoying, friends that have my back, stronger and more fit than I ever thought possible for me. And, most importantly I'm fully, authentically, uncompromisingly myself all the freaking time and it feels so good!!

Working with me means having a partner in growth, who sees the incredibly powerful woman that you are and ensures that you let her wisdom, creativity, femininity, unique weirdness, and deepest desires shine into a beautifully rewarding, fulfilling, and loving life <3 

Your Self-Liberation Hype- Woman

Hi, I'm Lena.

VALID is about more than your confidence level (although that is absolutely going to transform in this program) it's about changing your relationship with yourself so much that you liberate from the expectations of others. 


Yes! You can pay in full, or you can pay in monthly payments. We value accessibility, so if you need additional support, DM Lena @lenasathena on Instagram and we will see what we can do.

Are there payment plans?

Because our community has women from multiple timezones, we decide call times accordingly.We will officially choose the time for our weekly coaching call and the times for the live trainings once we know which time zones are in the room with us. 

What Time are the VALID weekly calls?

In the VALID Minimind you get:
+ 5 Group Training and Coaching Calls with Lena
+ Daily M-Th access to coaching in our group channel
+ One 30min Private 1:1 Coaching Call with Lena

What's everything included in VALID?

VALID is an intimate experience and privacy is highly valued. Calls will only be recorded for Lena's records (so that she may build upon the experience for future for programs) but recordings will not be shared with anyone - whether they are a program participant or not. 

Are the VALID Calls Recorded?

We share deep feelings. We support the fck out of each other. You're joining a solid, supportive community you deserve with conscious, loving, and supportive women. The only "requirement" is to be present, loving, and open-hearted.

Are there any requirements to join?

Frequently Asked Questions

VALID is for anyone ready to stop feeling dependent on external validation and start creating it instead! For entrepreneurs, career-women, and work-at-home mamas alike, ready to master the  one specific skill that liberates us all to the next level of self-liberation and growth: self-validation. 

Who is VALID REally for?

For a limited time, we have a special bonus of a private 1:1 30-minute call with Lena. And, you get access to holistic personalized support from Lena both on group calls and between the calls on the group coaching channel.

Will I have 1:1 Access to Lena?

You get to create your certainty.

In a world where most are emotionally dependent on others to approve their thoughts, feelings, and desires,

If there's a part of you that would rather grow with sisterhood and a coach in your corner.. If you're ready to feel certain and solid in yourself.. You belong in the Sovereign Sphere.

You empower others by role modeling freedom and power.

Join us!