"I came into this expecting to learn a little bit about validating myself, but that I still wouldn't actually feel anything positive when trying to validate myself, but boy was I wrong. Turns out, validating myself actually feels 10x better than when the validation comes from someone else.

If a friend asked me whether to join VALID, I would say GET YOUR BUT IN HERE. You deserve it."

- Danielle Insley

Break the Glass Ceiling on your Self Esteem & Become Unapologetically Powerful 🩵

The VALID Membership is a promise to yourself:
To stop seeking external validation and to start creating all the validation you need and want ✨

Introducing VALID

Our goal is simple: Give you the confidence to take radical ownership of your life ❤️‍🔥

"What surprised me most is how Lena has a way to prompt you and gently bring you to the answers and options that never crossed your mind before."

I would absolutely recommend this to women struggling with self esteem and people pleasing, who want to feel heard, validated and guided"
- Anna Maria

"I would absolutely recommend this!!!"

You really do get to be unapologetically true to your wants and needs.

You get to respect yourself deeply. Which means you get to prioritize creating a life that meets your emotional needs.

You live a life that keeps you centered in yourself. Living live from your unique point of view (whether people see it or not) and expressing yourself aligned with your truth.

Fully claim your identity as an empowered woman and create your relationship dynamics, your income, and everything you want from that place of knowing.

Feel safe and secure being your authentic, incredible self in every moment, and showing up with a deep confidence that makes it easy to feel respected and rewarded for it. 

Be so loving toward yourself that you get to feel that you are enough. That you get to relax. That you get to have more fun.

& We get you there with:

A vault full of transformational videos, including dozens of self-validation exercises and confidence mindset shifts.

Monthly LIVE group trainings on building your self-trust and fiercely taking radical ownership of your life.

The support of a loving community and some fun surprises.

VALID is for you if you:

You're growing and shifting your identity, and you want to be kinder to yourself and more feel more confident about who you're becoming.

You’re tired of letting other people's opinions and reactions shape your boundaries.

Part of you knows you can enjoy your life even more — improve your relationships, increase your income, get more respect — and you want to see yourself go for it. 

You’ve spent too long overthinking what you say and do and you want to see yourself be your authentic, incredible self AND feel respected and rewarded for it. 

You Are Fiercely Capable and Brave 

In a world where women can be anything - 68% of women are still "people-pleasing at the cost of their own happiness"

If there's a part of you that would rather grow with a community and a coach in your corner. If you're ready to become your own biggest cheerleader. If you're ready to see how capable you are. We can't wait for you to join us!

But you dare to be true to yourself.

Join us!

Let's Change Your Life.