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The School of Self

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The holistic personal power podcast for taking charge of  your own health, wealth, happiness, and impact.

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Our conversations are vulnerable, raw, and even a little controversial - whatever it takes to create real change in your life.

controversial when necessary

Not just tips and tricks, but real inspiration to reconnect with your intuition, strength, and internal authority over your own life.

Real personal empowerment

The School of Self thrives at the intersection of the physical, metaphysical, and social realities of the human experience.

Science meets spirituality

What you'll find on the podcast:

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I genuinely believe that your personal power is the only real tool you need to create the life of your dreams.

After going through the heart-braking roller-coaster of people-pleasing, for years, I've learned that your self-worth, ability to self-validate, and internal sense of authority are the top indicators of the health, wealth, joy, and impact of your life.

So, my podcast is dedicated to helping you get in touch with the most powerful parts of you - the ones that LOVE YOU and prioritize living in alignment with your unique world-view and personal values.


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