Embracing Flaws is Key to Success

July 22, 2023

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I'm Lena, and I believe that trusting yourself will absolutely transform your entire life. That's why I help women like you ditch the self-doubt,  and reconnect with their personal authority, so they can create meaningful impact in a way that's authentic and joyful. I'll help you create a rewarding life you love. Join me, won't you?!

Oh, you wanna know more?

Hey there!

It’s so tempting to hide. In a world full of mirrors, cameras, selfies, and group shots – we believe we’re being seen while we hide.

We have flaws. And we try to write an honest, authentic narrative while being a *slightly* more polished version of ourselves. The more likable one. Or so we think.

I want to see you succeed, so I must tell you this: embracing flaws is critical to your success.

And you might already have heard the genius cliches:
“You can’t have ups without downs.”
“You can only go as high as you can go low.”
“What goes up must come down.”

The bottom line:

People are inspired by the people with whom they can connect.
And to connect, we need to be genuine in our humanness.
For this, we need to be at peace with all aspects of ourselves.

I help women increase their income, free time, and self-esteem.
And the only reason I can is because I used to be broke, overworked, and so insecure I felt invisible.

If I’d never felt that way, I wouldn’t be able to relate.
And I wouldn’t have learned to get from point A to point B.

You have an impact to create. People to help. And a Self to love.
And I care about all three – but I KNOW your journey has to start with self-love.
Your relationship with yourself is the most irreplaceable thing you have.

The Update

Okay, I recently interviewed Kristina Mand-Lakhiani for my podcast and it was super cool to hear about her new book #BecomingFlawesome – which covers a lot of what I teach from her incredibly powerful and unique perspective.

My biggest takeaway from her interview was this:
Self-love is the most profound source of personal person one has, no matter how much success they have or have yet to achieve.

Kristina is a badass – a mother and a co-founder of a business that has impacted hundreds of thousands of people – and her focus is on helping people find their joy from within by embracing flaws wholeheartedly because it’s the best way to create a life you love.

I want you to succeed.
Because I truly believe your unique worldview is the most incredible thing in the world.
Do you believe that, too?

If you do, or at least you want to, you have the option to book a “let’s find out” call with me and see if we’re a match to create the personal power, confidence, success, and impact you wish to be in the world.
You know, today is always a better day to start the next chapter of your life than tomorrow.
Book your call here.

Talk soon!
<3 Lena

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